Is Your Cat Suffering from Dental Disease?

Cats are defined as predators, and you can see this in the shape of their teeth, which are designed to tear apart meat. No matter how adorable you think your cat is chasing treats and sitting on your lap, it relies on its sharp teeth to eat and hunt. For this reason, caring for their teeth is one of the most significant things you can do as a cat owner.

The Basics of Feline Fangs

Your cat's teeth are certainly diverse. The most noticeable of the teeth will be the fangs, known as the canine teeth. Those small little teeth at the front of the mouth are called incisors. Behind the fangs, you have the premolars and then the molars. You may not realize this when you first choose a cat as a pet, but these teeth need to be cleaned regularly for optimal feline health. Dental disease is incredibly common in cats, and after the first few years of life, a cat may begin to experience painful teeth.


Just like humans, cats can also get gingivitis as a result of tartar buildup. This causes the gums to become irritated. The best way to prevent and treat gingivitis is to brush your cat's teeth regularly. You can also take your cat to the veterinarian to regularly scrape off tartar. Treats can help maintain this, as the crunchiness helps to scrape the teeth naturally.

Lesions in the Teeth

When the gum line begins to erode around the tooth, lesions may begin to form. Sometimes you won't be able to see these painful little spots because they are hidden by the gums. As the tissue of the gum grows, lesions may not be obvious. In fact, many veterinarians need x-rays in order to best see them.


Inflammation of the mouth is known as stomatitis, and it does affect cats. This chronic condition has an unknown cause, but veterinarians do know that a dental cleaning can help prevent inflammation. In some cases, your cat may be prescribed an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory. In some cases, veterinarians will choose to remove the teeth altogether.

There are not many treatments available for cats from a dental standpoint. In the majority of cases, a veterinarian will provide a thorough cleaning while your cat is asleep or choose to extract the troublesome teeth. Of course, you can also do your best to prevent dental issues by brushing your cat's teeth every once in a while.

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