New Dog Owner? The 4 Vaccines Your New Puppy Needs

If you just got your first puppy, you need to make sure that your puppy gets all the right vaccinations as part of its dog care. The vaccination schedule for dogs is not set in stone and changes over time. Here are the four most recommended vaccines that currently top the list that you need to make sure that your new puppy gets.

#1 Parvovirus

The first vaccination that your puppy needs to get is the parvovirus vaccination. The parvovirus can manifest itself in two different ways. The first way is within the digestive system, and can lead to both vomiting and diarrhea as well as long-term weight loss and loss of appetite. The other way that parvovirus manifests is within the heart muscles, generally of puppies. The parvovirus often leads to death within dogs in a few days. This deadly virus can be prevented by simply getting the parvovirus vaccination for your dog.

#2 Canine Distemper

The second vaccination that you need your puppy to get is the canine distemper vaccination. This vaccination protects against a very ugly disease that does not have a cure. It is spread from one infected dog to another through contact with another animal's body fluid. When a dog contracts canine distemper, there is a large chance that they could die. This is one of the most important vaccinations you can get your puppy since canine distemper is fatal.

#3 Canine Hepatitis

The third vaccination that you need to make sure that your puppy gets is the Canine Hepatitis vaccination which is also known as the adenovirus-2 vaccine. For dogs, hepatitis is not spread exclusively through sexual contact. It is actually spread a lot more like the common cold; when one dog who is infected with canine hepatitis has it and so much as sneezes near another dog, that other dog could then become infected with canine hepatitis. Canine hepatitis affects different breeds of dogs in different ways; sometimes it manifests as a simple fever and other time it manifests in internal bleeding in the liver that can potentially be fatal if not caught in time.

#4 Rabies

The fourth vaccination that you need to get for your puppy is the rabies vaccination. Your dog can easily contract rabies from an infected wild animal, and pass it along to other animals or even humans through a bite. In many states in the United States, pet owners are required to vaccination all domestic animals against rabies.

Talk with your vet and create a schedule for getting the four vaccinations listed above. Also, see if there are any other vaccinations that your vet recommends for your dog.