Santa Claws: What To Get Your Cat For Christmas

What's not to love about a cat? From the furry adorableness to the irresistible mystery they carry, cats often have their humans wrapped around their claws. Feline companions quickly become a part of the family, and it only makes sense that you want to treat them well during the holidays. If you are wondering what to get your cat for Christmas, consider these suggestions.

Give the Practical Present of Pet Health Insurance

While most people know that health insurance is necessary to ensure their own well-being, they may not know that pet health insurance is even available. However, having pet health insurance can mean the difference between being able to afford what your pet needs in the event of an illness or not. Pet health insurance can cover such things as cold laser therapy to treat ailments like joint injuries or fractures, and it can also cover things like cancer treatment. You can talk to your veterinarian about what types of insurance are accepted at the veterinarian's office. From there, choose the policy that best fits your budget and the anticipated needs of your feline companion.

Surprise Your Cat with a Companion

Sometimes a cat may luxuriate in being the only feline in your home, but loneliness can set in for a cat. If you are away from home for several hours per day, your feline companion can have a difficult time being on its own. Some warning signs that your cat may lonely include constant meowing, coughing up hairballs because of too much grooming out of boredom, and ripping up items like pillow cushions! If you fear that your cat may be lonely, give them an early holiday present in the form of a companion cat! Just be sure to introduce them carefully and ask for veterinarian for advice on how to best do that in a way that best serves both cats.

Make Your Cat Happy with Catnip Treats

These days, it may seem like catnip is everything at the pet store. However, the truth is that cats simply adore catnip, and it is always a welcome treat. You will probably make your cat happy on Christmas when they can luxuriate in catnip. When your cat discovers the toy with catnip, they may respond by rolling around and vocalizing their appreciation. In fact, the cat's reaction to such treats is likely to amuse the human family members who watch their enjoyment on Christmas.

Finally, keep in mind that your cat mostly wants your love even if they'd never admit it! Presents are fun, and it's always a good idea to extend your generosity to the feline companion in your life. However, try not to stress about what you chose for your cat for Christmas. When you try one of these suggestions, you should be well on your way to including your cat in the festivities in a fun way.