Saving Money On Chronic Pet Medications

If your pet has a chronic health condition that requires frequent vet visits and medication, chances are it's having an effect on your budget. Saving money on pet medications can help to cut this impact, so read on to learn what you can do to save some money on your pet's meds.

Buy in Bulk at Your Veterinarian's Office

If your veterinarian has prescribed a medication that your pet needs to take daily, talk to them about setting up a discount for buying in bulk. Dividing, labeling, and preparing small batches of medications for pets is a tedious procedure that can take a lot of a veterinary technician's time. If you need a large amount of the medication to get your pet through a month or multiple months, the vet tech will only need to prepare one batch for you, rather than repeatedly preparing medication for you every week or so. Since preparing your large quantity of medication will take less of a paid employee's time, this generally translates into a lower cost than if you were buying small amounts of medication on a regular basis.

Ask for Prescription to Pick Up at Pharmacy

If your veterinarian can't offer you a discount for some reason, you can ask them to write out the prescription for you instead. Many traditional pharmacies are now offering select pet medications in their stores, and many of them offer generic prescriptions at the same low prices you've come to expect on your own medications.

Pet Insurance

If you have pet insurance, your insurer may be willing to pick up the tab for your pet's medications. This differs from company to company, and it's also dependent on whether your insurance company is already covering the condition your pet needs medication for.

Typically, pet insurance companies will cover any medication condition that arises after you've signed your pet up for insurance. So if you have been reimbursed for veterinarian visits or medical procedures your pet has undergone while ill with their chronic condition, there's a good chance that your insurer will cover the cost of medication, too. If unsure, give your insurer a call and ask.

Paying for your pet's medications doesn't have to cost a fortune if you follow these tips. Remember, for your pet's well-being, skipping doses or giving your pet smaller doses isn't a good idea. Follow your vet's advice and these tips to keep your pet healthy and save money. For more information, contact a clinic such as Apple Valley Animal Hospital.