Make Sure You Get Your New Dog Responsibly

When you want a new dog, you may think about going to the pet store or to someone who puts up fliers that say that they have dogs for sale. There are a lot of problems with going to either place. If you are looking for a purebred dog, there are only two responsible options. If you are happy with any kind of dog, you have some other options open to you. 

Pet Stores

The biggest reason that you never want to buy a dog  from a pet store is that they nearly always get their animals from puppy mills. Puppy mills are cruel to every animal involved and the animals that come from them are often unhealthy. You also may not want to buy anything from a store that sells dogs, just because they support puppy mills. Some pet stores do work with rescues and animal shelters. In that case, they aren't getting any money, they are just offering space for the rescue/shelter to showcase their animals and it is the rescue/shelter who has the final say. 

Backyard Breeders

The biggest problem with backyard breeders is that you don't know how healthy your new puppy is going to be. Backyard breeders don't usually do genetic screening and will just breed any dogs together. Some backyard breeders are also puppy mills. 

Licensed/Responsible Breeders

A licensed or responsible breeder usually doesn't advertise in anything except breed specific or kennel club publications. The breeders are listed with various kennel clubs and get ratings and reviews from those groups. These breeders will keep the dogs in large kennels and runs that allow the dogs to have plenty of room. The kennels and runs will also be clean and in good shape. Each dog that is going to be bred will generally have some kind of genetic testing to show that they don't have breed-specific health issues. These breeders will also screen potential owners before they allow anyone to take a dog. 

Breed Rescue

Another option, if you want a purebred dog, is to use a breed specific rescue. Generally, you are going to get an older dog this way. The rescue will screen you to make sure that you and the dog will be a good fit. If you and the dog don't work out well, then you will generally have a return clause in the contract you sign that states you have to return the dog to the rescue. 


If you just want a dog and you don't care about breed, then a rescue or shelter is going to be your best bet. You will be able to find a dog that is waiting for a forever home. 

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. If you want to have a dog, make sure that you get your new pet the responsible way. Contact a company like Blue Lycan Kennel to get started.