Three Diseases To Watch Out For In Your Maine Coon Cat

Their massive bodies, long and luxurious fur, and adorable personalities make Maine Coon cats a true joy to own. Maine Coons have many advantages as house cats since they get along well with dogs and children, are highly intelligent, and warm up to people well. However, their one downfall may be that they're prone to a number of health issues. If you own a Maine Coon, you'll want to watch out for these ailments so you're sure to catch them early. [Read More]

Saving Money On Chronic Pet Medications

If your pet has a chronic health condition that requires frequent vet visits and medication, chances are it's having an effect on your budget. Saving money on pet medications can help to cut this impact, so read on to learn what you can do to save some money on your pet's meds. Buy in Bulk at Your Veterinarian's Office If your veterinarian has prescribed a medication that your pet needs to take daily, talk to them about setting up a discount for buying in bulk. [Read More]

Does Your Cat Have Seasonal Allergies?

Does your cat seem to get a cold every autumn or summer? Maybe both seasons tend to bring on a cold or congestion? If so, your cat may be suffering from seasonal allergies. A cat that has seasonal allergies will exhibit symptoms much the same as people do. Even indoor cats that are prone to allergies can't seem to escape the outdoor elements that trigger them. Allergy Symptoms Seasonal allergies in cats tend to bring on symptoms such as: [Read More]

Santa Claws: What To Get Your Cat For Christmas

What's not to love about a cat? From the furry adorableness to the irresistible mystery they carry, cats often have their humans wrapped around their claws. Feline companions quickly become a part of the family, and it only makes sense that you want to treat them well during the holidays. If you are wondering what to get your cat for Christmas, consider these suggestions. Give the Practical Present of Pet Health Insurance [Read More]