Santa Claws: What To Get Your Cat For Christmas

What's not to love about a cat? From the furry adorableness to the irresistible mystery they carry, cats often have their humans wrapped around their claws. Feline companions quickly become a part of the family, and it only makes sense that you want to treat them well during the holidays. If you are wondering what to get your cat for Christmas, consider these suggestions. Give the Practical Present of Pet Health Insurance [Read More]

Considering Having Your Cat Spayed? Don't Fall For These Big Myths

Kittens may be adorable little balls of fluff, but if you are like most cat owners, the last thing you want is a couple of litters of these little critters to find homes for every year. Having your cat spayed is one of the most logical choices you can make as a female feline parent. However, there are major myths that often prevent people from even considering having this basic procedure performed. [Read More]

Own A Dog? Make Sure You Understand The Risk Of Zinc

People often discuss how things such as chocolate can poison dogs; however, many people are not aware that dogs can also be poisoned by items that have zinc in them. Here is what you need to understand about the risk of zinc to your dog. What Zinc Can Do To Your Dog When your dog is exposed to zinc, there are a variety of consequences that your dog can experience. Your dog can experience both short and long term consequences. [Read More]

Doggy Hurt Its Paw? 3 Steps To Take To Treat The Wound

Dogs are on their feet a lot during the day. They're also in a lot of different locations. They may be playing outside in the dirt, digging through trashcans, or romping on the carpet. All those locations have the potential of causing an injury to your dog's toe nails – such as getting caught in the carpet fibers, or being ripped out while digging a hole. If your dog has an injured toenail, you'll have to act fast to get it cleaned out. [Read More]